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Slightly Obsessed?


So apparently I’m slightly obsessed with non-blue jeans…  Do you remember life before colored jeans?  The choices in casual pants were so boring!  Blue jeans, jeans with holes, skinny jeans, more jeans and the occasional pair of khakis… the options were limited.  But a couple years ago, jeans in red, cobalt, green and other colors of the rainbow burst onto the fashion scene.  I first acquired pairs in coral and purple last December.  I debated investing in more colors because I wasn’t sure if this was a passing fad or if they were here to stay.  That spring the options flourished and today, colored jeans are still going strong.  Nearly every store carries multiple colors and they’re continually featured in fashion magazines.  But I’m sure I don’t have to tell YOU that!

So now that colored jeans have joined the arsenal of casual pants, I may have developed a small obsession.  They’re just so fun and such a refreshing change of pace!  My latest pairs are in pale rose and, my first patterned jeans, a floral print on mint from Charlotte Russe.  See below for tips on how to wear non-blue jeans and how I plan to wear mine!

IMG_1994_Final IMG_1997_edited IMG_1992_edited

How to wear colored jeans:

  • Pair them with neutrals or very pale shades of coordinating colors
  • Play with textures – soft knits, sequins, suede…
  • Accessorize with a coordinating color
  • Wear the right shoe.  Flats, pumps and booties work best.

Pink Pants Outfit2

1. Sequin Striped V-Neck Top from New York and Company $39.95
2. Refuge Colored Skin Tight Legging from Charlotte Russe, $29.99
3. Neon Stone Multi Chain Necklace from Express, $44.90
4. Sunshine Laced Clutch from lovecortnie on Etsy.com, $50
5. Gaunt Boot from Aldo, $110

Floral Pants Outfit1. Zipper Pouch from The Limited $29.90
2. Hot Kiss Floral Skinny Jean from Charlotte Russe $32.99
3. Winter Kate Pushpa Blouse $299
4. Michael Antonio Love Me suede Pump $29.95


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My Etsy Hearts: Feather earrings from Baronyka

Feather earrings by Baronyka

My new earrings

Victorian lace earrings, Moonlight Lady lace necklace and Marilyn Monroe necklace

I just received my latest Etsy purchase – feather earrings from the shop of Baronyka – and I love them!  They are black acrylic, very light but substantial and less than $20.  The owner of Baronyka is Rony of Israel and according to her profile she’s inspired by “art deco, tattoos, Victorian era, and Art Nouveau and Combining vintage chic with modern techniques and materials.”

What I adore about these earrings is that you can easily dress them down (in skinny jeans, T-shirt and flats) or up (with a fitted mini, a slinky tank and bold heels).  There have been so many times when I think to myself, “I need a pair of black earrings that are more fun than hoops but not too dressy.”  These are perfect.

I also adore the Victorian lace earrings, Moonlight Lady lace necklace and Marilyn Monroe necklace.

Dress it down

1. Zelda Jean Legging from Express ($69.90)
2. Crochet-trim Tee from The Limited ($39.90)
3. Gianni Bini “Vanity” Flats from Dillard’s ($59.99)

Dress it up

1. Miraculous Push-up Bra Top from Victoria’s Secret ($79.50)
2. Zig Zag Banded Mini from Express ($54.90)
3. Betsey Johnson Diskko Printed Velvet from Dillard’s ($129.99)
4. Tylie Malibu Runaway Neon Clutch from Amazon.com ($118)

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